Ridning / Riding, English

Riding, English

Activity has ceased on the 1. January 2016.
Experience nature by riding on an Iceland pony. The riders can combine country lanes, woodland and fjord. You can ride on your own or have a guide with you.
At the moment we have 7 lovely Iceland ponies that can be ridden by almost anyone.
Unaccompanied riding.
1) Riding in a paddock.
2) If you have a little experience with horses, and you are self-
    reliant, you can easily ride unaccompanied. You can ride out
    alone on the marked trails in the area. The trails can take you to
    the fjord, the poplarforest, or the meadow. 
3) For very small children we have two Shetland ponies. The
    parents must have the horses on a leash. 
Accompanied riding.
1) One hour (ca.) guided tour along country lanes, through forest
    and to the fjord. For riders with little experience. The guide can
    have one rider on a leash.
2) Guiden tour for riders with some experience (1 1/2 - 2 hours).
     It takes you along country lanes, through forest and to the fjord.
     We ride into the water on the way home.  

Practical information:
   *  Book an appointment before riding.
   *  We have riding helmets that you can use for free.
   *  Long trousers and shirts with long sleeves are preferable. Even
       on a hot summer´s day.
   *  No rider must weigh over 100 kg.

Important: Riding is at your own risk. Any accidents must be covered by your own insurance.
Jørn       :  +4520787818
Michael :  +4522437046


DKK 175 / EUR 25 an hour.
DKK 175 / EUR 25 an hour.
DKK 100 / EUR 14 half hour.
DKK 250 / EUR 35 an hour.
DKK 350 / EUR 50 per person
(All weekdays after kl. 13.00)

Nygaard | Sønderskovvej 192 A, Gaaser, 9362 Gandrup - Danmark | Tlf.: 22437046 | firma@gaaser-fiskesoe.dk